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Audacious Vocals is a vocal studio in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, founded by singer and coach Dorcas Hope-Gill. We work with singers, performers and public speakers at all stages of development and across all styles to develop great technique, release creative freedom and grow in performance.

Singing Lessons • Vocal Coaching • Singing technique • Creative Expression • Vocal Performance

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25 Years Experience

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Meet Dorcas

My daughter has been taking singing lessons since she was five. She is now 14, but has had Dorcas as her singing teacher for the last year. In this past year, her voice has come to life and she sounds amazing! For the first time, she is being supported and taught by a true professional.

My daughter’s confidence as a singer has never been stronger. I can’t say enough good things about Dorcas. My daughter has finally found her singing teacher.

Laura ChiarenzaClinical Counsellor

A great teacher with excellent vocal technique to help the singer. Dorcas is a talented teacher - what are you waiting for?!

Gigi GoyerDancer & Tango Teacher

Dorcas is an amazing vocal/singing coach. She creates each lesson with skill, precision and thought to suit your individual needs. She's gentle, very encouraging and able to quickly and intuitively guide you. Her vocal mechanism knowledge combined with her technique is spot on! I'd highly recommend her to anyone, whether they are a novice or a seasoned pro!

Jennifer Juniper AngeliActor and Performer

The first time I heard Dorcas sing, I was shocked. There's a southern-gospel-belting powerhouse inside that little British body! Dorcas also has that wonderful combination of expertise and kindness so rare and special in a vocal coach.

Tanya KyiAuthor

I've performed alongside Dorcas at a number of events, and love her beautiful, versatile singing voice and style. She has excellent and extensive training, and most important, she is a lovely, inspired person, positive and helpful. If you're looking for a smart, kind and genuine teacher to help you improve your singing, I highly recommend Dorcas.

Peter Graham-GaudreauProfessional Actor, Musician and Circus Artist
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